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It's a good day...

Working at the moment but I am really looking forward to seeing priest this afternoon. It is a great summer for comic book movies.

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Alan Wake

Started playing Alan Wake and so far really enjoying it. Just started episode three and loving the light mechanic so far it also can make you jump a little. So far I recomend it but will have a concrete review soon

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Location:Whitehaven/Coro Lake,

Red Dead Redemption...

I find myself sucked back into the world of the wild west, six guns, and buffalo. This game is amazing. I have never been a huge fan of sandbox games because I usually get to a point where free roam has me feeling bored but there is something about this game.

In Red Dead Redemption you play as John Marston, an ex outlaw who is on a mission to "dispose" of his old gang. The story has to be one of the strongest points in the game. You meet new people all across the land (a land that spans both the last frontier of the United States and Mexico). As you play along you do start to get the feeling that everyone in the world is taking advantage of Marston because of all the "you do this for me and I'll help you" mentality people have. Each A.I. character has its own personality and add a good bit of comedy to the game. So lets just jump right into the pros and cons.


Graphics wise the game is beautiful. The scenery had me wanting to ride to most of my destinations even though there is a built in "fast travel" system. You get the feel that you really are riding off into the sunset. Its almost like your Clint Eastwood in the Outlaw Josie Wales or John Wayne in Eldorado. There are a few known graphical glitches though such as the donkey lady and flying horses but these are in no way game breaking. The game looks much better than the previous games Rock Star has released and I'm loving it

Game Play:

The game does play a lot like a Grand Theft Auto but has its own elements. The feel of riding across the wild west on the back of your trusty horse is a beautiful thing. The cover system works very well and the game has a VERY easy auto aim feature that will help those new to this type of game. The game also adds a new feature called Dead eye. This feature is similar to bullet time in other games in it slows down time and lets you pick an easy head shot on an enemy or group of enemies. Other than that it plays very much like your average third person sandbox game without the clunky controls we have seen in the past. You get the feeling that the world is huge and there is so much to explore.

Red Dead also adds a type of good/evil system in which the things you do add to your fame and honor. Honor is set up like a karma system. If you rob a bank you loose karma. If you help a stranger get his horse back from thieves you gain karma. In doing this you can also gain a level of fame. Once you become famous enough people will come searching for you strictly for the ability to duel you and gain recognition for themselves.

Apart from the main campaign storyline there are many things open to the player. The game offers side challenges that consist of hunting or exploring as well as side quests given random A.I. characters you come across while playing. Some of these side quests do seem like time fillers but others are hilarious and personally I got a kick out of the "funny man" quests.

Red Dead also has a very missive multi player experience I will cover further along in this review.


This is by far the best part of Red Dead Redemption. Its a rich story about the struggles of one man away from home trying to find those that have done him wrong. Just about every person you come across adds their own flavor and everyone will pick out a favorite non player character during their playthroughs. I do however feel the middle part of the campaign, set in Mexico, can feel a little out of place.

Aside from the main story there are many side quests you can do for strangers. These do not add to the main story line but are enjoyable and often times fairly funny. There are also achievements tied into helping strangers, so don't just walk by every one you come across.

Multi player:
The multi player is brilliant. Its an open world called "free roam" in which you can conquer gang hideouts, hunt, or just randomly shoot up the towns. One aspect of the multi player teaming up with your friends and creating what is called a posse and travel around the map crushing the different gang hideouts or grouping up on the more traditional multi player game types such as a team deathmatch or capture the bag. The multi player world also allows for plenty of customization. There is a level up system based on experience you get from doing just about everything in the free roam environment. Leveling your character up will also unlock things such as new horses, character skins, weapons, and so on. So far I've only gotten to level 12 on multi player but I can see how it would become very addictive very quickly

Overall I would rate Red Dead Redemption a must buy for anyone interested in a magnificient story as well as a ton of re playability. You are practically buying two games considering the multi player is a new game in itself. Any small glitches and bugs in the game are understandable with a game of this magnitude and, personally, were easily overlooked. I don't care how many times my horse just randomly jumps off a cliff as long as I can still hogtie people and throw them on the back of my horse. That never gets old.

Moble Blog Test

Testing my new app to help with moble posting.

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Recently I have been getting real into the aspect of trying new games and the news side of the gaming world in general and have come to the conclusion that I want to persue my passion in life. The odds are very against me at wether or not this will become a success but I don't care. I love gaming. Its a core aspect of my life. Its stable and everlasting. They say now that one in three homes has a gaming system and the average age of console gamers is 32 (42 for pc). My generation, that grew up on the origional nintindo, is growing up and still we refuse to let go of this part of our childhood. It is no longer taboo to be a gamer.

So with that said I am officially dedicating myself and any free time I come across to advancing in the gaming aspect of my life. I am not saying that I am trying to practice my skills with the stick and going to try to become one of the infamous "Pros" but I do want to write and express my opinions with the rest of the gaming world.

So I welcome you to the new Deviant Opinion

Dragon Age: Origins...

I recently picked up this game and must save I'm enjoying it immensely. Its an RPG set in a medieval fantasy world in which all races must band together to fight against an army of "darkspawn" causing what they refer to as a blight. You must go through the world picking up compains to help you on your journey. Each race has its own starting quests before the main quest even begins as well as quests to gain the help of their armies. So far I'm 20 hours in and can't get enough. The graphics in this game are decent. They could be more sharp and all but it does a good job at setting the dark tone for the game. The game play takes a bit of getting used to if your not familiar with RPGs but it is fairly easy to pick up. The story is amazing and you will get submersed in the feeling of impending darkness coming to the world. Being an RPG there are long stints of talking between action sequences but it is to be expected. Overall I'd have to give Dragon Age: Origins a 4/5. It takes someone who appreciates a good story to love the game but it doesn't take long to lose track of time while playing.

Game Updates...

Recently puchaced two new releases:

Dante's Inferno

My review in a nutshell. The game is based on the Divine Comedy written by Dante some hundred years ago. In it you fight through the nine levels of Hell in order to save the souls of both yourself and your true love. The graphics are the first thing you notice, and they are beautiful. I'm not so big on the fixed camra but it isn't that difficult to get around. Each level has its own monsters and bosses which keep things from getting old after killing the same mob over and over again. Controls and gameplay remind me of a Ninja Gaiden type game. Overall I'd have to give the game a solid 3/5

Mass Effect 2

This game is a beast. There aren't many words you can say about it. The graphics, story, controls, ect... all are a RPGers wet dream. I will admit I'm not very far into the story yet but I'm hooked. If you were a fan of the first Mass Effect then you will fall right into place here. It also includes an option to upload your character from the first game and continue where you left off. I have noticed the cover system takes a little getting used to. It's set up a lot like Gears of War. Aside from that I haven't noticed a single issue to this point. My opinion would have to be 4.5/5


Due to schedule conflicts I've parted ways with Tactical Gaming. I've been set up with a new multi-game clan called Xiled Gaming. Seems to be a great online community full of nice, skilled people.

Back in the Game...

Well guys I'm officially back in the game. New Xbox, new wireless connection, and new games. I've been pretty hooked on the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I've also joined my first multi-game clan know as Tactical Gaming. You can also find some of there matches on YouTube. Here is a sample...

My girlfriend (who was totatly hooked on Halo 3) is also getting into MW2 which is very suprising to me. She says, "I dont like having to shoot somebody ten times to kill them in Halo so this one is better".

New Game...

After some thought I decided it was time to break the WoW addiction and come up on a new game.....

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